Friday, August 17, 2012

Boho Culture Fair

Organizer: Crisshoney Violet & Fiorella Clarity
Hunt Date: October 15th - 31st

Mature Sim/ Event or Expo

# of Stores: 60
Hunt Object: None
Hunt item Price: EACH STORE HAS A FREE GIFTS 0-1 L$

Hunt Focus/Theme: urban style in Second Life
Start Location: The Boho Culture Fair Office
Blog: Boho Culture Fair
Hunt Group: *DesigningSL*

Added Info.
The Boho Couture Fair Born from a few ideas about the urban style in Second Life. All know about this tendecy in SL. All see avatars wear  baggy pants, jean washed, fresh skin, flip flops and other things. Our Fair Show theme is URBAN & HIPPIE TENDENCY.