Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Antique Grid Show: Autumn Hunt

Organizer: Thaddeus Nadeau
Hunt Date: November 1st - 30th

Grid Wide Hunt ~ All Sims

# of Stores: 24
Hunt Object: Vase
Hunt item Price: 0L

Hunt Focus/Theme: Autumn
Start Location: {NS} Nadeau Shoppe
Blog: Antique Grid Show
Hunt Group: Antique Grid Show

Added Info.

Antique Grid Show: Autumn Hunt is a hunt showcasing some of the best antique and period stores on the grid.  Included in this hunt are stores who design and sell antique furnishings, homes, and accessories; as well as those who design period specific clothing.  Genres range from the historic periods that include Victorian, western, 18th century, and more.  The purpose of the hunt is to introduce, or re-introduce. SecondLife residents to some great stores within the antique and historic niche.