Friday, October 19, 2012

Masks of Mystery

Organizer: Kyle Beckett
Hunt Date: October 13th - 31st

Moderate Sim/Store Hunt

# of Items: 40
Hunt Object: Mask & Tricky Treats
Hunt item Price: ?

Hunt Focus/Theme: Halloween
Start Location: Gay Riviera
Blog: The Gay Riviera
Hunt Group: None Needed

Added Info.
20 Masks and 20 Tricky Treats. In the shadows a mysterious shopkeeper emerges asking for your help. Evil spirits have stolen and hidden his Halloween masks and it’s up to you to find them! Grab a Magic HUD at his Masks of Mystery shop and begin the search, but beware! The evil spirits are watching you and will try to trick and scare you. Do you have the courage to find them all? If you do, the shopkeeper will let you pick an amazing gift from his prize room! You won’t be alone though, the shopkeeper has also called upon friendly ghosts who have seen where the masks have been hidden. They have stashed a surprise and clues to the masks locations inside Tricky Treats. Grab a candy bucket from the Masks of Mystery shop and prowl the streets collecting the treats scattered all over the Gay Riviera! Will you fill your bucket and collect all the clues and surprises?