Thursday, December 20, 2012

Forever Mine 2

Organizer: Shelby Rhapsody
Hunt Date: January 7th - 28th

Grid Wide Hunt ~ All Sims

# of Stores: 25
Hunt Object: Heart
Hunt item Price: 0L

Hunt Focus/Theme:Valentine's Day
Start Location: Sweet Seduction
Blog: Sweet Surprizies Hunts
Hunt Group: Sweet Surprizies Hunts 

Added Info. 
It is that time again… where love is in the air and chocolates are melting in our mouths lol.
One year ago Sweet Surprizies was created and held its very first hunt… the “Forever Mine” hunt. Believe it or not it was made an idea, created, and was off and running in only two weeks. I was on a mission and was very excited over the turnout. You guys love your hunts!!
I thought what better way to honor the hard work and dedication of each and everyone of you, and the wonderful year that it has been than to have a “Forever Mine 2″ hunt!!
You know the theme, Valentines Day of course. So create gifts of love, dating, marriage, anything to do with being in love and celebrating a special someone.