Monday, December 10, 2012

Room 326 Hunt by Mad Peas

Organizer: Elizabeth Tinsley, Clicquot Oh , Kiana Writer
Hunt Date: December 28th - January 31st

Grid Wide Hunt ~ General & Moderate  Sims

# of Stores: 15
Hunt Object: ?
Hunt item Price: 0L (HUD 10L)

Hunt Focus/Theme: Horror themed/ghost/spooky items are preferred
Start Location: MadPea
Blog: MadPea
Hunt Group: MadPea

Added Info.
You MUST create a male AND a female item, or optionally an item that is unisex.  Absolutely NO exceptions. Hunt prizes should be themed around the hunt. Once you are accepted you will be allowed admittance to the Hotel and see the surroundings of the story. Horror themed/ghost/spooky items are preferred. Without any exceptions we can NOT accept stores that are:* Only resellers* Mall Spots* In an adult region * Have scripts disabled