Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gorean Cultures Hunt

Organizer: Carissma Jester
Hunt Date: January 9th - 22nd

Adult Sim/Store Hunt

# of Items: 20
Hunt Object: Dina w/A Sword through it
Hunt item Price: 13L

Hunt Focus/Theme: Gorean
Start Location: Gorean University
Blog: None Needed
Hunt Group: None Needed

Added Info.
Welcome to 2013! The Gorean University is one of the longest successfully running schools in all of Gor, and we are proud to continue to help educate Gor. In honor of the new year, our new Gorean Culture Walk and our continued commitment we are hosting a new Culture HUNT! Be Sure to take the TP up to see the amazing new culture area when you come to the market to hunt!