Thursday, January 10, 2013

Jack or Jill 2.0

Organizer: Heather Smithson
Hunt Date: February 1st - 28th

Grid Wide Hunt ~ All Sims

# of Stores: 100 (50Male/50 Female)
Hunt Object: Male or Female Symbol (on a “hockey puck”)
Hunt item Price: 0L

Hunt Focus/Theme: Fashion (2 Paths)
Start Location: Razorblade Jacket
Blog: Depraved Nation
Hunt Group: Depraved Events

Added Info.
This hunt will be split into 2 paths… a male path and a female path. The hunt will be centered around fashion. Anything someone can purchase to enhance the appearance of their avatar: Skin, clothing, shoes, hair, eyes, make up, accessories, tats, piercings, etc.